Friday, February 6, 2009

Crossing the Red Sea

I'm reading in Exodus right now in my devotions and this morning I read the story of God delivering the Israelites at the Red Sea from the hands of the Egyptians. It's a great story of God's deliverance, direction, faithfulness, and provision (Ex. 14:15-31). This is an incredible story and quite the miracle, but it's also a story of trust and faith on the part of the Israelites. 

Can you imagine the faith it would take to begin walking across the bottom of this great sea? I know the ground was dried by God and the great wind that He caused to blow, but what about walking in between two huge walls of water, I'd be scared to about you?

Many of us, myself included, are feeling the pressure of the economy and all that's happening in America today. Not to mention the stresses of life, work, family, children, neighbors, friends, and such...

The Israelites were faced with a great pressure as well, Pharaoh and ALL of the Egyptian armies were coming to bring Moses and all the Israelites back to Egypt. When the Israelites saw the Egyptian armies coming to overtake them, the Bible says they "panicked." There was no way out, on one side was the Red Sea (which at this point had not been parted for them to walk across), and on the other side was the armies of Egypt bearing down to capture them.

How many of you feel the same thing, there's no way out as you see it right now, it seems like life is crashing in all around us—all at once!

Take heart, God made a way out for the Israelites by parting the Red Sea. He will no doubt make a way out for you (and me) too! Trust in Him, place your Faith in Him, stand on the Promises of His Word. He will see us through this difficult time.

How can I pray for you?

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